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News This is not science fiction. EHang has the capacity to carry a single passenger weighing up to pounds 99kg for a minute flight at a speed of kilometres per hour 62 miles per hour. During one test flight, it carried two passengers with a total load of kg. A flight time of 23 minutes may not be so huge at the moment, but it is a testimony to the improvement in battery technology that even this is possible.

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It identifies a number of insurance claims trends which are impacting the industry — including the top causes of financial losses — and highlights a number of risk trends and challenges that will impact the aviation sector and insurance landscape in future. Despite a record number of passengers, statistics show that flying has never been safer. Between andthere were 29, recorded deaths from global commercial passenger jet fleet events. Infor the first time in at least 60 years of aviation, there were no fatalities on a commercial airline.

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These manned test flights are just the latest in a series of tests to ensure that the EHANG AAV will be safe and ready for public use in the near future. Now that we've successfully tested the EHANGI'm really excited to see what the future holds for us in terms of air mobility. It's been a huge success," said Hu. More emphasis will be placed on improving passenger experience and on adding an optional manual control, giving passengers with piloting experience the choice to operate the vehicle manually.