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Certainly the conflict was a controversy -- but it was in many ways much more, incorporating elements of literary debates, rhetorical argumentation, and political and personal feuds. Although, historically speaking, it is not uncommon for literary debates to incorporate or degenerate into ad hominem attacks, seldom do such debates inflame the passions of an entire nation, nor do they often encompass such a wide range of political, personal, and poetic topics. In examining the issues and concepts underlying the controversy, even the most careful reporter is tempted by tangential arguments and biased viewpoints, but a detailed examination of the main points is a necessary prerequisite for any interpretation.

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Members can submit a written explanation of their vote in plenary. Auch die Ausnahmeregelung bei Dienstreisen ist ein Erfolg.

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While the journey unfolds phase after phase, time seems to expand ever more - until Castorp, after his awakening, has to ascertain that there is still plenty of time before the evening meal. The vicissitudes of time in this 'time novel' Zeitroman will appropriately be dealt with below. But, in this essay, I choose to highlight still other characteristics of this story: that, notwithstanding the articulation through an unrelenting ostinato in an ever broader measure of time, it is the literary equivalent of what, in the realm of film, is called a 'one-shot', and, in the realm of theatre a 'scene': the rendering of one uninterrupted appearance, a long and moving, but single image, hence, for the most diverse senses at that. Such a one-shot is in every respect the counterpart of the visual, single and still image - the painting or the photo, which serve as a paradigm in nearly all the theories of the image.

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Arnold Schönberg: Canon for Thomas Mann on his 70th birthday Arnold Schönberg: Canon for Thomas Mann on his 70th birthday Wahrscheinlich, um Ihnen meine Schätzung auf besondere Weise zu zeigen, habe ich es mir mit diesem Kanon besonders schwer, ja fast unmöglich gemacht. Herzlichst, Ihr Arnold Schönberg [I have made this canon particularly difficult for myself, almost impossible, probably because I want to express my appreciation to you in a special way. My best regards, Arnold Schönberg ed. Schönberg and Mann probably met each other in Hollywood inalthough they had already been exchanging letters since

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Zudem war sie Leiterin des Thomas-Mann-Zentrums zur Förderung der deutschen Literatur und Sprache sowie bis Kuratoriumsmitglied des Thomas-Mann-Festivalsan dem sie sich heute noch aktiv beteiligt. Sie veröffentlichte über Artikel in der litauischen und ausländischen Presse, ist Mitautorin zahlreicher Lehrwerke und Herausgeberin einiger Bücher. She was also the director of the Thomas Mann Cultural Centre for the Promotion of German Literature and Language and until a curatorial member of the Thomas Mann Festivalin which she is still actively involved today. She has published over articles in the Lithuanian and international press, is the co-author of many textbooks, and the editor of a number of books.

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